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FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool

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FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool

Removing pet hair from your home is a never-ending battle particularly for those with furry companions who shed a lot. Pet hair be unsightly but it can also cause allergies and aggravate asthma symptoms when not maintained. Fortunately there are several effective methods for removing pet hair from your home. Regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction power and a good filtration system is one of the most important steps in removing pet hair. Use a vacuum with brush attachments since the brush will help to loosen the hair from carpets and furniture. Another effective method is to use a lint roller or sticky tape. Simply roll the lint roller over surfaces where pet hair is present and watch as it collects all the hair. For furniture and upholstery, using a damp cloth or rubber gloves can also be effective in picking up pet hair.

Also regularly brushing your pet can help to reduce the amount of hair they shed, making it easier to keep your home hair-free. Using a specialized de-shedding tool can help to remove loose hair from your pet's coat before it ends up on your floors and furniture.

This Furminator removes more loose hair than your typical Pet Brush. The Furminator is small and compact and has received very high recommendations.


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